Benefits Of Factoring For Trucking Companies

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Why is it that larger customers seem to be the slowest to pay? Simple, because they have you at a disadvantage, and know it. This is a way of life in many businesses. It’s not a matter of IF they will pay but WHEN.


These types of customers know that if you want to keep their business there’s no choice but to wait on payment.

Unfortunately, through these late payments, you are extending credit to customers without receiving any interest or benefit.


In essence they are using your money to finance their operations. In addition, you don’t have access to your money to run your company.

Factoring through us bridges that payment gap and allows any trucking company access to immediate working capital. Working capital means a steady cash flow, allowing you easily meet payroll and handle payables to your vendors.  

If receivables were paid quickly what else could you do with a steady cash flow? Perhaps save money by taking advantage of discounts offered by your vendors for early payment.

Now you don’t have to worry about slow paying customers dictating terms, instead get paid on invoices almost immediately.


Using freight bill factoring can help your transportation company grow - and grow quickly. Factoring benefits include:

  1. Eliminates the worry of guessing when you will be paid

  2. Allows you to take new loads with confidence

  3. Provides you with money to pay drivers, buy fuel and pay for repairs

  4. Eliminates your collections worries

  5. Grows with your trucking business. Increasing your financing line easy and fast

  6. Can be set up in a couple of days.

Factoring your receivables will keep your wheels on the road.

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