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There’s never a bad time for trucking companies to look into cutting costs. Many companies don’t investigate their excess expenses until absolutely necessary. These times may be where seasonal business is slow or shippers and brokers are slow in making payments.


You have arrived at this page probably because, for some reason, there’s a need to cut expenses. Perhaps, you believe that reducing costs will add to the company’s profit margin. Either way, you’re looking for ideas on how and where to start. Obviously, we can’t cover all possibilities in this one article but we can certainly get you started.

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In general, there are two main categories that costs fall into: fixed and variable. Fixed costs are those incurred whether or not your trucks are on the road earning their keep. Some of the biggest expenses in this category include truck loan payments, mortgage or rent, and insurance premiums. There’s probably not many costs that can be cut in this category.For most savings you will have to look into the variable cost category. Variable costs, as the name indicates, can fluctuate with items like truck maintenance, hotel and food expenses. The largest expense in this category is generally for fuel.


Fuel is an absolute necessity for all trucking companies. As Sherlock Holmes would say that I “show an amazing grasp of the obvious.” He’s absolutely correct. What’s not so obvious is the ability to save money on fuel expenses with Multi Service Fuel Cards For Truckers.

As you’re spending money on fuel every month, why not pay less per gallon for the same brand at the same truck stops? Every dollar saved by cutting these costs automatically increases your profit margin.


The beauty of cutting costs for this item is you’re paying less for the exact same item! There’s no loss in quality or quantity.


Calculate Your Savings.


Here’s an example of what you could be saving with the Multi Service Fuel Card:

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At first blush that $27.00 savings doesn’t appear to be that much. It’s even easy to ignore and think it’s not worth the trouble. True, but let’s extrapolate these savings out over the period of one year.


As an example let’s say you operate one truck that fuels up once a day for five days that $27.00 grows into a savings of $7,020.00 annually! ($27.00 x 5 days a week x 52 weeks a year = $7,020.00)


Now multiply the $7,020.00 by the number of trucks in your operation. All of a sudden that “nominal” savings of $27.00 has turned into a significant reduction of your annual fuel expenses. These savings immediately improve your profit margins.

Multi Service Fuel Card Truck Stops

The Multi Service Fuel Card is accepted at over 7,000 truck stops coast to coast. These truck stops include Petro, Pilot, TA, Circle K, Love's and more.

The card comes with a free mobile app to indicate the truck stops nearest your location that accept the card. No more driving miles out of the way to get your discount.


About Multi Service Fuel Card.


Founded in 1978 by a former trucker, Multi Service Fuel Card is the oldest in the marketplace. In their history they have built a solid reputation with truckers.


The company has helped OTR fleets and owner operators to provide a generous weekly fuel-focused line of credit, access to fuel discounts, and dedicated online purchase controls that help maximize efficiency. MS Fuel Card offers superior fleet solutions for Class 7-8 vehicles, they are more than just a fuel credit card. 


Additional Benefits With Multi Service Fuel Card.


In addition to daily savings Multi Service Fuel Card offers further benefits such as:


-Free of charge reporting including accurate fuel usage by state.

-Secure closed loop where card may only be used for fuel and truck maintenance.

-Trucking company has ability to turn on or deactivate individual driver’s fuel card.

-Elite 24/7/365 customer service, with an impressive average on-hold time of only 43 seconds.


How Do I Get The Multi Service Fuel Card?


If you want to save $7,020.00 or more annually get the Multi Service Fuel Card for truckers. The sign up process is free, simple, no long term contracts and no transaction fees.


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