• Keith Hunt

Happy Employees Make Happy Clients

Why do our employees arrive at the office early and then leave late to make up for it? The answer is simple they enjoying working here and happy employees make happy clients.

Sir Richard Branson, British businessman, founded the Virgin Group in the 1970s, which controls more than 400 companies in various fields including the Virgin Atlantic airline. His empire was built based on a simple philosophy, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

We endeavor to follow his credo but creating a team of happy employees doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires ongoing effort by our management with you, the client, as the starting point. We put ourselves in your shoes and then ask ourselves “if we were our own client what would we want and expect in the way of service?”

This question puts our entire operation under the microscope for your benefit. We ask the question frequently which forces us to keep a close look at the services we currently provide, the manner in which we provide these services and what improvements we need to implement in the future.

The key is honesty on our part. We have to answer all the tough questions in a client-centric manner. By evaluating our overall operation we are always in a position to continually improve our service.

What things do we evaluate? We have found that clients like to work with employees that have a pleasing personality. Therefore, we only hire staff that are naturally enthusiastic and willing to work within our company philosophy and then they are provided all the intensive training required to professionally service clients in a friendly manner.

All employees are salaried, no commission sales representatives. That means our clients don’t feel like they are being up sold or pressured by someone concerned about increasing their paycheck. As salaried employees their only goal is to serve you, the client, and offer advice that is in your best interests.

To support all our employees, management has a total open door policy. Any employee can approach any member of the management team to discuss any topic and is guaranteed to be heard. Topics can include personal issues or suggestions on how to improve our service to clients.

Our hiring, pay structure and open door policies may seem small items but they add to the overall personality of our company, not just employees. As a client, you will feel this personality in every interaction you have with our company on a daily basis.

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