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Has This Ever Happened To You? Once Is Enough!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

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Has this ever happened to you? All your trucks are on the road, then you’re awakened at 2:34am by a telephone call at home from a stranded driver. He’s in the middle of nowhere and can’t refuel because the company fuel card is maxed out.

One of the driver’s first reaction is that the company could be having cash flow problems.

This happened several times to Sarah (not her real name) who owns a trucking company based in Kentucky. She had been a customer of a large fuel card company for 15 years and never had a late payment.

Over those years her business grew and so did her need for a larger line of credit. However, the fuel card company would not accommodate her needs with a larger line of credit.

As a result Sarah, on several occasions, received calls in the middle of the night from drivers that were stranded unable to buy fuel because the credit line was maxed out.

Each time this happened she had to log online to transfer money from her bank to her fuel card account in the middle of the night.

Sarah was also forced to make multiple payments during the week, so she wouldn't go over her credit line. Enough is enough, so she decided a change to Multi Service Fuel Card was necessary.

Founded in 1978 by a former trucker, Multi Service Fuel Card is the oldest in the marketplace. It’s accepted at over 7,000 truck stops coast to coast including Petro, Pilot, TA, Circle K, Love's and more.

​The card comes with a free mobile app to indicate the nearest truck stops that accept the card. No more driving miles out of the way for discounts.

Sarah’s problem could have been avoided with bigger lines of credit from the beginning and automatically increasing it as the client pays their bill on time and use what we give them. After all, what’s the point of a fuel card if it can’t used when needed?

Immediately, we were able to approve the weekly line of credit that accommodated all Sarah’s needs for her 14 trucks. Having a fuel card that is operational and fully monitored also reassures drivers that they are working for a company that is financially sound.

As part of the service Multi Service Fuel Card monitors client activities and increases credit limits when needed. They also give a temporary increase, in most cases, when needed if the client calls the 24/7 customer service department.

Sarah was so happy to have the secure feeling that her drivers would never be stranded again. The drivers are happy too. Of course no more telephone calls for Sarah in the middle of the night either!

Click here for more information on how to obtain a FREE Multi Service Fuel Card

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