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How To Save On Fuel As Per Gallon Price Increases

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

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On March 2nd 2021 Logistics Management Magazine reported that one week after rising for the 16th consecutive week, the national average price per gallon of diesel gasoline eclipsed the $3 per gallon mark for the first time since the week of February 2, 2020—or 57 weeks ago, when the average was $3.01.

All fuel price increases come straight out of trucking company profit margins. To combat these increases, trucking companies can help offset the higher prices at the pump by saving on every gallon purchases using the Multi Service Fuel Card.

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Logistics Management continues that with a 9.9-cent increase, this week’s average came in at $3.072 per gallon, which was slightly above the 9.7-cent gain, for the week of February 22, at $2.973 per gallon. This outpaced the 7.5-cent increase, to $2.876 per gallon, for the week of February 15, and the 6.3-cent increase to $2.801, for the week of February 8.

Prior to the week of February 8, the most recent high, for a weekly national average, was from the week of March 9, 2020, when it came in at $2.814, right before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold.

The 6.3-cent gain, for the week of February 8, was preceded by a 2.2-cent gain, to $2.738, following recent gains of: $0.02 cents, to $2.716, for the week of January 25; 2.6 cents, to $2.696, for the week of January 18; $0.03 cents, to $2.670, for the week of January 11; a 0.005-cent increase, to $2.64, for the week of January 4; a 1.6-cent increase, to $2.635, for the week of December 28; a $.06-cent increase, to $2.619, for the week of December 21; and a 3.3-cent increase, to $2.559, for the week of $2.559.

Going back to the week of November 9, which kicked off this 17-week stretch of increases, the national average has headed up a cumulative 69.5 cents. And prior to the week of March 1, the national average had been below the $3 per gallon mark since the week of February 2, 2020, when it posted an average of $2.956.

On an annual basis, this week’s national average is up 9.9 cents, cents, topping last week’s 9.1-cent annual increase.

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