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Watch Out For This Google Scam!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

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Do you receive phone calls from services guaranteeing your company page one in the Google results? They are usually Robo dialers requesting you “press 1 for more information.”

As tempting as this offer sounds don’t buy into it. It is scam! There’s only one company that can guarantee you page one on Google and that’s Google and they simply don’t do that.

The only way to get guaranteed results on Google’s page one is to purchase pay-per-click (PPC) ads directly from them. PPC ads are on almost every search page and its where the advertiser pays for every click through to the website. These ads work like an eBay auction, you have to outbid other listings to stay on top. The more bids that are placed the higher the PPC cost, in the end you get less clicks for more money. Google is the big winner.

Back to the scam callers, out of curiosity on one call I decided to act like a novice and went along with this “guarantee” of page one results. During the sales pitch I was told for a monthly fee I would maintain this high ranking. Of course all the sales generated would more than compensate for the fee!

I inserted all the relevant “wows” and “that sounds great!” during the conversation. The sales rep couldn’t contain himself and started over selling and giving me more and more information.

To let him close the sale and find out how the entire program worked I had to provide credit card information and website address.

Now, this is where it gets interesting, for the next step he wanted me to download a small program onto my computer. So I humored him and followed his directions.

With the program downloaded, he asked for a keyword or phrase that someone would use to find my business. After a few minutes he then told me open my browser and enter the phrase in the Google search bar. Lo and behold my business was right there number one on the listings. Of course I expressed the correct amount of stunned amazement knowing that it was all a scam.

The sales rep thought he had me hooked, and tried the up sell by offering more keyword and phrases for additional fees.

So how did they do it? The key is the downloaded program as it high jacks your browser. Yes you can see your company at number one position but it’s not visible to any part of the real Google universe. The only ones that can see it is you and any others that have downloaded the program.

I let the listing run for a while to see the complete scam unfold, as expected my website didn’t receive a single click through whatsoever.

Remember, don’t be tempted. Google do not guarantee listings and nobody can guarantee such on their behalf.

If you would like free advice on how get your site listed higher in Google please call me 909-636-4012. If you get my voicemail please leave a message, I will call back.

With a background in marketing I can point you in the right direction. In fact, I am happy to discuss any problems you have with promoting your company. No catch, no charge just happy to share my knowledge.

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