Recourse Factoring For Trucking Companies


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With recourse factoring, the trucking company is ultimately responsible for outstanding debts. In these instances, as the factoring company, we will look to the trucking company to reimburse any advanced funds on unpaid invoices.

The reimbursement may be taken from any balances due to the trucking company or deducted from advances on new invoices submitted for factoring.

Before seeking reimbursement from the trucking company we will do everything possible to obtain payment from the customer to avoid any cash flow problems.

Courtesy calls from us to the customer usually start about 30 days from date of the invoice.

If, after 90 days, we have not received payment from the customer we will discuss recourse with you.

As the trucking company is ultimately responsible for debts, factoring fees for recourse transactions are lower.

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We understand that, at first, factoring may be considered a big step, that’s why we offer a no obligation, telephone discussion, with free advice on your specific situation.

During the conversation we will answer and all questions about the factoring process as it pertains to your trucking company.

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